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Wholesale Food Dealer & Exporter OmanIt is a multinational producer, wholesale food dealer & exporter in Oman. We’re providing high-quality brand name fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats for consumer throughout the world. We are a leader and innovator in the food of Oman. We provide camel, beef, mutton, and other best quality meats. We are in best to providing fresh, nutritional products to our consumer.

We dedicated our lives to achieve the goal of providing reliable service to our greatest customers. That’s how we grew from one man and one truck to multibillions dollars company. We are providing the best service to our clients from the last 15 years.

We have been serving local and global customers. Healthy food is the symbol of a healthy society and our experienced managers and employees has organized every step from purchasing to delivery very carefully. We give value to our customer’s needs and we have professional team members who know how to give you the best quality fruits, vegetables, fishes and meats. So chose a good food for your people and promote the healthy meal.

Our Products


We are the best fresh fruits exporter In Oman. Healthy fruits and foods are the blessings of Allah Almighty. They are a great source of energy for our body to perform daily routine work. Farm fresh and handpicked fruits are the key elements to get a healthy lifestyle.


Planning to purchase vegetables for your house? Well, you are at the right place we are the best fresh vegetable exporter In Oman. Vegetables are the significant source of iron, potassium and other vital minerals that are needed by our body.


Our company mission is to cater needs of all our customers according to their need. So, keeping that in our mind, we are offering quality seafood for your diet. We have a wide variety of fresh fish and other seafood that our consumers get a healthy food to eat.


Looking for the fresh and quality meat of camel, beef, and mutton? We’re the best fresh meat exporter In Oman. Our company is working with the mission to give fine food products for your health needs.  Buy fresh meat collection for home, parties, and events.

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They always did a test and preserve food with latest technique and technology before providing. Their products are full good for health.

Umer Rana

They are leader and innovator in vegetable, fruit, meat and seafood. They are in best to providing fresh, nutritional products to the consumer.

Khalid Usman