Fresh Meat Exporter In Oman

Fresh Meat Exporter In OmanLooking for the fresh and quality meat of camel, beef, and mutton? You have come to the right place. We’re the best fresh meat exporter In Oman. Our company is working with the mission to give fine food products for your health needs.

Our meat comes from healthy animals. All animals are kept under the supervision of experts. Their diet and health are monitored thoroughly to ensure that quality meat reaches your house.

We do this so that your loved ones can enjoy every bite of their food while eating this hygienic and nutritious meat. We have a wide range of fresh meat of camel, beef, and mutton.

We love to provide quality meat to our customers because we also love healthy food. Buy our fresh meat collection for your home, parties, and events.


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Meat Exporter, Supplier, and Manufacturer

By implementing hygiene and food safety latest methods and standards in the meat processing industry, Al Jehdami Int will produce high-quality halal camel, beef and mutton meat products that meet customer’s enthusiasm. We are dealing with local and international customers and providing them with meat for different types of products such as burgers, sandwiches, and sausages etc. As the best meat exporter, supplier and manufacturer we can handle large amounts of meat and products. We also offer fresh products for retail and wholesale markets at competitive prices.